Foundation Family

“He truly trusted, listened to and believed in those around him”


The Jonas & Christina af Jochnick Foundation has grown from the success of Oriflame and Medicover, driven by the values and philosophy of Jonas, Christina, and the af Jochnick family as a whole.

The Foundation’s ability to contribute to a more equal society is therefore tied directly to these entities – as such, key people from both companies and from the family oversee the Foundation’s direction, ensuring that Jonas’s legacy continues and evolves. Since so many of those involved with the Foundation have worked with (or been raised by!) Jonas, we can ensure that we never lose sight of the Foundation’s guiding principles – to make a positive contribution to a more equal and healthier society. Here are a few of those who help to continue Jonas’s work


Anna af Jochnick

Christina Meusburger

Fredrik Stenmo

Hans-Joerg Gatt

Peder af Jochnick


Fanny Forsell

Advisory Board

Alexander af Jochnick
Fredrik Rågmark

Helene Stenmo

Lilian Fossum Biner

Mona Abbasi

Patrik af Jochnick

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