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Ongoing Health projects

Bite Back 2030

Healthier generation | Bite Back 2030 is a youth-led movement that wants healthy food to be an option for all young people – regardless of where they live.

Fit School

Fit School | Improving children’s health by increasing their exercise frequency. On-line exercise sessions facilitated by a virtual coach.


Diabetes type 2 prevention | A programme targeted at reducing the risk of lifestyle diseases, particularly diabetes type 2, InCerc was launched in two cities in Romania in 2016.

Nadija – Children’s Foundation

Children’s hospital | Our foundation will provide professional and evidence-based mental and physical healthcare services to all children and families in Ukraine free of charge.

PoZdro! Legacy

Health screening | An expansion of the PoZdro! programme, ESMS (Electronic System for Medical Services in Schools) introduces specialized software for nurses to measure and track students’ health.

Swedish Outdoor Association – Adventure Days

Public Health | Swedish Outdoor Association (Friluftsfrämjandet) is a non-profit organisation that promotes public health, well-being and respect for nature through outdoor activities.

The Crown Princess Couple’s Foundation

Wellbeing of children & youth | The Foundation focuses on increasing inclusion and physical and mental health for children and young people in Sweden.

Ongoing Health Research projects


Cancer research | An accurate multi-analyte blood test leading to an earlier detection of occult cancer.


COVID-19 research | A follow-up study investigating how the immune response develops over time after SARS-CoV-2 infection.

FINGER study – dietary intervention

Diet and brain health | Part of the wider FINGER study into preventive measures involving brain health, the dietary intervention and cognition project focuses on the role of diet in this area.

Per-Olof Berggren at the Karolinska Institute

Diabetes Research | Professor Per-Olof Berggren at the Karolinska Institute has developed a unique in vivo imaging approach to enable identification of novel drugable targets for diabetes treatment.

Ongoing Education/Empowerment projects


Children’s rights, Child advocacy | Barnrättsbyrån works to ensure that children and young people access the help they are entitled to from society, by offering social and legal support and practical help on any rights-based issue.

Handelshögskolan – the af Jochnick scholarships

Scholarships | The Jonas and Christina af Jochnick Foundation support several scholarship programs at the Stockholm School of Economics.

Human Practice Foundation

Empowering children | Human Practice Foundation shapes futures by empowering children. 44,000+ students supported in 110+ schools across 8 districts in Nepal and Kenya. Schools shape children, children shape the world.


Piped water supply | Water1st works with communities around the world to implement and sustain projects that integrate clean water supply, toilets, and hygiene education and end the walk for water for women and girls.

WOW Foundations

Empowerment & Integration | The WOW model for integration helps migrant women land a job with a 75% hit-rate. The project includes starting up in three new cities to create a model for scaling WOW nationally.

Ongoing Environment projects

Daughters for Earth

Women & Climate | Daughters for Earth is a fund and a movement of women and girls rising up to mobilize $100 million in support of women’s efforts to protect and restore Earth.

Ecofilm – Fish in Focus

Bluer Planet | An ambitious, groundbreaking project aimed at raising awareness of the numerous environmental challenges facing Scandinavian aquatic life.

Lethal Thiamine deficiency

Thiamine Research | Many species, belonging to different animal classes of wild animal species suffer today in an episodic pattern of thiamine (vitamin B1) deficiency that entire ecosystem is under a life-threatening situation.

Perfect World Foundation – Attenborough Forest

Tree planting | Attenborough Forest – named in honour of Sir David Attenborough who planted the forest’s symbolic first tree – is The Perfect World Foundation’s global tree planting initiative.

Race For The Baltic

Baltic Sea health | A non-profit organisation with a mission to ensure a healthy Baltic Sea.

Ongoing Other projects

ZEITZ Foundation

Rhino Sanctuary | The ZEITZ foundation supports socially and ecologically responsible projects that inspire and achieve the highest sustainability standards through Conservation, Community, Culture, and Commerce (the 4Cs).