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Ongoing Health projects

Bite Back 2030

Healthier generation | Bite Back 2030 is a youth-led movement that wants healthy food to be an option for all young people – regardless of where they live.


Raise research awareness | Forska!Sverige (Research!Sweden) raises awareness of the role of medical research in health and prosperity, by providing decision-makers with evidence-based proposals for change.

Frisk Mat

Public health | The non-profit association ‘Frisk Mat’ (Healthy Food) works to raise the quality of food in healthcare, schools and residential care, in order to thereby improve public health.


Diabetes type 2 prevention | A programme targeted at reducing the risk of lifestyle diseases, particularly diabetes type 2, InCerc was launched in two cities in Romania in 2016.

PoZdro! Legacy

Health screening | An expansion of the PoZdro! programme, ESMS (Electronic System for Medical Services in Schools) introduces specialized software for nurses to measure and track students’ health.

Stiftelsen Silviahemmet

Dementia | Silviahemmet’s aim is to contribute to the highest possible quality of life for those suffering from dementia, including their families, through a range of training initiatives.

The Crown Princess Couple’s Foundation

Wellbeing of children & youth | The Foundation focuses on increasing inclusion and physical and mental health for children and young people in Sweden.

Ongoing Health Research projects


Cancer research | An accurate multi-analyte blood test leading to an earlier detection of occult cancer.


COVID-19 research | A follow-up study investigating how the immune response develops over time after SARS-CoV-2 infection.

FINGER study – dietary intervention

Diet and brain health | Part of the wider FINGER study into preventive measures involving brain health, the dietary intervention and cognition project focuses on the role of diet in this area.

Per-Olof Berggren at the Karolinska Institute

Diabetes Research | Professor Per-Olof Berggren at the Karolinska Institute has developed a unique in vivo imaging approach to enable identification of novel drugable targets for diabetes treatment.

Systems-immunology analysis in patients with severe COVID-19

COVID-19 research | A collaborative project with SciLifeLab/Karolinska Institute using genetic/immune system markers to determine why healthy individuals in rare instances develop severe COVID-19

Ongoing Education/Empowerment projects

Handelshögskolan – the af Jochnick scholarships

Scholarships | The Jonas and Christina af Jochnick Foundation support several scholarship programs at the Stockholm School of Economics.

REC Education

Social responsibility training | ‘Rights, Equality, and Culture’ is an in depth training program developed for individuals working in the security sector, aiming to improve our society and safety standards.

SSE Art Initiative

Knowledge exchange | The Stockholm School of Economics Art Initiative works primarily with video-based art, photography and installations by contemporary artists to support SSE’s educational mission.

Ongoing Environment projects

Ecofilm – Fish in Focus

Bluer Planet | An ambitious, groundbreaking project aimed at raising awareness of the numerous environmental challenges facing Scandinavian aquatic life.

Race For The Baltic

Baltic Sea health | A non-profit organisation with a mission to ensure a healthy Baltic Sea.

Ongoing Other projects

Completed projects

Project Subject Area Region Period
The Arsenal FoundationSport / Youth empowermentOtherUnited Kingdom2018-2020
The Paradifference FoundationCancer researchHealth ResearchSweden2014-2020
Hand in Hand – Sweden Women empowermentEducation/EmpowermentIndia2012
Hand in Hand – International Women empowermentEducation/EmpowermentIndia & Africa2012 & 2016
Stiftelsen för affärsfrämjande utbildning i RysslandSSE RussiaEducation/EmpowermentRomania2015
AAR Beckman TrustEnvironment & SanitationHealthAfrica2014-2016
Centrum för rättvisa Human RightsOtherSweden2015-2018
Yogahuset FalunIntegrationOtherSweden2016-2017
Falu KommunIntegrationOtherSweden2017
The aging brain – Karolinska InstituteBrain/Aging researchHealth ResearchSweden2011-2019
PoZdro! Diabetes Type 2 PreventionHealthPoland2014-2019
Finger Brain Health Institute Brain health & dementiaHealth ResearchSweden2019